According to a study by the Queen Mary University in London, UK, most steering wheels are known to have nine times more bacteria than a public toilet seat. Considering that research has found that on one square inch of toilet seat there are 80 bacteria, that would mean that a square inch of a steering wheel would possess over 700 bacteria per square inch!

The good news is that according to Dr. Ron Cutler, the director of biomedical science at Queen Mary, “most of the bacteria were unlikely to cause health problems”. The bad news is that it is most and not all, some of the bacteria are potentially harmful.

These numbers had gotten us into thinking, why is that? Why would a public toilet seat be safer and more sanitary than our vehicle’s steering wheel? We think that there are several key factors.

  1. Public Toilets are regularly sanitized while many vehicles, interiors are often neglected.
  2. We a visual. Washrooms often appear dirty, so we take extra precautions before we sit down, such as wiping the seat or spreading a layer of toilet paper to cover it. Steering wheels on the other hand usually look clean, especially when the colour of the steering wheel is dark charcoal or black.
  3. We like to multitask. Hopefully, this changes with the police patrolling against distracted driving, but many commuters, especially those with children tend to eat in their vehicles. Bacteria cereus is commonly found in food and some strains are known to cause illness. A vehicle’s interior, especially on a hot sunny day, is the perfect place for this bacteria to breed. It only takes about 30 minutes at 30°C to double in number in some food items such as milk and cooked rice.

The answer is simple. In order to make the interior of our vehicle safe for our loved ones as well as ourselves, we need to clean it regularly. But to kill all the harmful bacteria lurking inside your vehicle, consider super cleaning your vehicle seasonally with a PURIFYD treatment.

Published November 18, 2016 Author: Chris Petersen – Purifyd For Your Health