Teen Driver in the House

The kids drive our cars and ‘occasionally’ add gas. We wanted them to stay as safe as possible. TopGripGear is right where and when they need it.

On the Road

I am so glad to have TopGripGear to keep myself, my wife and especially my grandkids safe from germs I might pick up fueling my car.

Not Just for Pumping Gas

I thought I was safe because I drive an electric car — but it turns out those handles are full of germs too. So glad TopGripGear has the solution!

Worried No More

When I found out how filthy fuel pump handles and buttons were, I worried. TopGripGear to the rescue. Now I control my safety at the pump.

Solved the Problem

Whoa! Who knew that the fuel pump handles were so germy? Once we found out, we researched  to find the best solution — TopGripGear!

It Eases My Mind

With all that’s been going on, the idea of touching a fuel pump handle was scary. With TopGripGear to keep my hands clean, I feel much safer.

One in Every Car

We have 3 cars in the family…with TopGripGear used in all of them. I know that we have protection in every vehicle. Safety for the whole family!

Sustainable and Smart

My wife was always using disposable gloves when pumping fuel. I got her a TopGripGear for a sustainable solution…and I got one for my car, too.

Always There

I travel for work. I am constantly fueling my car at odd gas stations. They don’t all have gloves. But with TopGripGear my safety gear travels with me.